Hi there,

My name is Virginie BRUN 🙂
I graduated from The Lyon School of Applied Arts. I am a textile and graphic designer based at the heart of the French Alps in Annecy.
After working for Rossignol, an emblematic French ski company, and spending my life as an avid outdoor sports lover, I subsequently offered my services to other prominent brands in the industry, Dynastar, Fusalp, Décathlon, Orage, Salomon etc.

Mum to a 10 years old little nugget, we consecutively lived in ground floor apartments, which created a dilemma: how to maintain privacy without cutting ourselves off from the outdoors. As I dislike curtains (probably due to a severe childhood trauma… :D) I started looking for an alternative. That’s when I had the idea to create adhesive patterns for windows.

Curious and creative, I am inspired by nature, oriental moucharabiehs, and also the plays of shade and light which the sun creates on our building daily. Working with colours and textures (frosted, opaque and transparent) I managed to create depth, volume and a different world in each room, while still being able to see the sky, the trees and the birds. So, we get to enjoy the outdoors while staying indoors.

My home stickers were such a great success in the eyes of my guests that, in 2018, I decided to launch Lady Brown to customise and cover professionals’ windows (shop windows, open-spaces, meeting rooms, doctor’s offices, beauty salons, spas…). You can have a look at my recent creations here.

Lady Brown’s decals create privacy and decorate your spaces while maintaining light. They’re custom designed, made in France, and applied by professionals.

If you need to customise your space, create brand identity or a nice private bubble while letting the sunshine in, it is the perfect solution for unique and beautiful windows.

I am always happy to meet you, may it be to get some information, ask for a quote or just to say hi, so please don’t hesitate to contact me. You’ll find my info at the top of this page.

Thank you for reading and I hope to talk to you soon.

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