L’Atelier du Corps



Atelier du Corps is a wellness centre made of two areas, the first dedicated to physiotherapy, the other to yoga, meditation and relaxation workshops. The centre is within an old restaurant, filled with windows, allowing beautiful light to come in and inviting to those outside. While quite pleasant, there was a lack of privacy.

The purpose of this project was to create a pattern of soft motifs which would block outside views while maintaining natural light and a cozy environment. For this we designed a zen pattern of round pebbles, in different shades and textures for volume and plays of light and shadow. Perfect in both areas for partial or complete privacy.



Amer Sports



Amer Sports is a Finnish corporation, proprietor of international brand names, and a major world player of sporting goods.

Following a renovation in their French offices, the employees wanted to separate the different working areas without isolating, and to bring warmth and uniqueness to the common areas.

They asked for discreet and original patterns that would represent the identity of the company and maintain a sense of depth in the room. The goal was then to combine decor and brand identity while keeping light and volume.

Based in Annecy, a city at the heart of the French Alps, I proposed a conceptualised mountain chain pattern, combining three textures and geometric forms. 






In 2016, Salomon, a renown outdoor sporting goods manufacturer, revitalised the brand with a new visual identity to reflect their core values: fun, simplicity, innovation and a sense of family.

Through this process of renewal, my work was to create privacy in the workspaces, allow for natural lighting, and to express the new corporate identity.

Based in the French Alps, for Salomon and its employees, the mountains are their playground. It was with this in mind that I created a variety of designs to match each and every department.



Private homes









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